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Mystery Polish Pickup, Collab, and LE Overpours

Mystery Polish Pickup, Collab, and LE Overpours

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With the purchase of this listing you will receive one full-size mystery nail polish. Each shade is an overpour of a past Polish Pickup color, box contribution, event exclusive, group custom, or a collaboration we've done with another brand. Please note that requests cannot be guaranteed.

Colors may include:
The Final Sacrifice (PPU)
The Source of All Magic (PPU)
Unbounded Potential (Talk Indie to Me)
Prickly Pear (FTLOP)
Hang in There, Mac! (PGB)
Your Name Belongs to Me Now 2.0 (PPU Rewind)
To San Antonio, With Love (PPU)
A Distinct Aura of Dottiness 2.0 (PPU Rewind)
Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est (Polished Gamers Box)
You Are Stellar (PPU)
Shivering Down Your Spine (PPU)

12 ml / 0.4 oz